Let " pubb pa doo wubb " tell how you feel


It's all about stationery

a Thai stationery brand, was created with one simple goal in mind :

to put a smile on your face by offering the best of the stationery and gifts including notepad, function notes, sticky notes, giftwraps and greeting cards. 

Our products are designed with

L O V E  and  C A R E 



- ♡ -

Greeting cards come with many designs

and some inspirational messages which fit all personality, mood

and occasion

So, let 'pubb pa doo wubb'

tell how you feel.

- ♡ -

Happy    MUSHY

's colletion


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Party Animal

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Note pad
Word cards
To do Today
To do Today
Motif wordcards Code thai
Petit gift box
Gift wrapping paper
Motif wordcards Code thai
Happy christmas day
Motif Tag
Petit bunting
Tally note
Motif wordcards Code thai
Dookdik note
Dookdik note
Snap prop
Motif notepad
Motif tag

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